Lifting of paddle steamer:

John H Amos

Project management:

Restoration of historic
vessel Sundowner


Professional Consultancy
TSA undertake consultation on all aspects of small craft and their equipment, from recommending a suitable type of vessel for a particular purpose, to preparing working drawings and supervising repairs, refits, restorations and new building.

Project Supervision
Supervision can be provided for all types of boatyard work, such as refits, repairs, modifications, conversions and new building. This is a valuable service for an owner, as it will ensure that their interests are represented by an experienced independent professional, acting solely on their behalf.


A professional survey that can involve advice on purchase, planning and design.

Where there is a dispute with respect to the quality of a boat, the quality of work carried out on a boat or the quality of any professional services that you have received, TSA can offer an impartial and professional service to help resolve the claim.

TSA also offers a professional service including consultation, expert witness and arbitration.

New Build Construction
This type of Survey will highlight oversights concerning the construction of new or repaired craft.



TSA are pleased to offer advice, and independently oversee repairs, ensuring you feel secure that any repairs are carried out professionally and that your vessel is returned to its former glory as soon as possible.