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Thames Barge:

Marjorie damaged


Historic craft often require a different approach to both
Surveying and Valuations

It is important to understand the construction of the vessel and to be able to assess how she has been modified over time. Often discussions with other parties like the National Historic Ships Register will be required to agree the type and level of conservation needed together with the need to maintain the craft in a usable and safe condition.

The value of such craft will be very difficult to properly assess as there may not be comparable vessels to justify the valuation. Re-building or repair costs will be naturally very high often being more than the open market value of the vessel. Also in the event of a total loss it is virtually certain that the vessel will not be replaced with a new “replica”. It is therefore understood that a value for insurance purposes might well be the cost of repairs to the most significant damage that could occur with the vessel still in a repairable state.

The picture above shows a Thames Barge that has just survived an impact from the bow of another (iron) barges bow. The damage was extensive but the barge was still “intact”. The repair costs were in excess of £250K (2009) but the market value of a typical sailing Thames Barge is probably between £150 and £300K depending upon condition.