Insurance damage:

Strood Yacht Club Pontoons




Shakirah, Jack Powels
40ft motor yacht


It is highly recommended that you have a Pre-Purchase Survey (also known as a Condition Survey), before acquiring any second hand craft.

TSA will, depending on the type, age and condition of the vessel produce a comprehensive report, which will include defects found, recommendations and condition summary. Invariably this type of Survey will take place out of water; therefore arrangements should be made for docking, slipping or craning.



This type of Survey is often required by Insurance Companies

This is a Survey limited to the submersed hull, which will involve an inspection to determine the build quality and condition, this is ascertained by ultrasonic readings. Additionally the stern gear and transmission line is also covered.

This type of Survey can be required by Insurance or Finance companies and does not normally require docking or a structural inspection and therefore inherently restrictive.

TSA will inspect the craft and form an opinion on open market value.

Brief description of what this offers you:

General description and history of craft

Hull inspection
Determining the original build specification and inspecting for deterioration with the assistance of non-destructive testing methods.

Inspection for build quality.

Motive power
Engine type, installation standards and functional trials.

Transmission and stern gear
Gearbox type and operation. Propeller and rudder gear inspection.

Cabin accommodation and equipment
Accommodation description and visual inspection of equipment, testing where necessary.

Cabin fit-out
Accommodation description and inspection to determine the fit-out quality including heating and insulation properties (where relevant).

Including steering, plumbing, heating electrical liquefied petroleum gas (if fitted). The inspection is to determine the quality of installation.

Safety equipment and inventory
Check for safety equipment and deck gear.

General précis of quality and condition. Is the vessel fit for purpose?

Factors Limiting Survey
These factors will be listed in the preamble of the report.



Such a Survey may be required for Insurance or Finance Companies, and are only undertaken after a condition or structural survey and are given with regard to the findings of the survey and knowledge of the current market.

This is undertaken to assess the open market value of the craft, and takes into account the quality and condition of the hull, equipment and machinery.

On occasion when the valuation of rare or historic craft is required, the replacement in the case of a total loss would be impossible, the worst case damage repairs can be assessed.


From this Survey, a professional report will establish the extent of damage caused in an incident e.g. a collision, stranding or fire, and is often required not only because of the visual damage caused to the craft but also the damage sustained to the structure, to enable decisions to be undertaken to determine the specification and cost of repairs mainly for marine insurers.

On occasions the Survey and subsequent report may also be commissioned independently by an owner to ensure that effective repairs are made, as the report can be submitted to a yard for quotation.

For the insurance company in the event of a claim of a complicated repair, supervision and signing off the work may be required. 



Part only
Occasionally undertaken, they would involve an inspection to specific parts of the vessel i.e. hull only, machinery, ultra-sonic thickness measurements.

Prior to taking delivery of a craft and making the final payment, the owner can commission this Survey, preferably including sea trials, to ensure that the builder's contract has been fully complied with. Such a Survey has the advantage of impartiality in the event of any dispute.

Preliminary inspections
These Surveys are primarily conducted to assess the value of any undertaking prior to a full Pre- Purchase Survey. They are also especially useful when two similar crafts are being assessed. The inspection is undertaken as the craft lies, without any dismantling.

Engineering inspections
An inspection can be limited to the installed machinery and systems. TSA have the benefit of a panel of qualified and experienced specialists that can report on the condition of this aspect of any type of vessel including this huge Polar Diesel installed in a 1950’s tug “Kent” shown here.


Ted Spears Associates - Engineering Inspection